Fiberglass Sectional Tanks

Equinox offers every style of tank to suit your different applications for above and below ground applications. Fiberglass tanks range in size from 150 Imp. gallons to 15,000 Imp. gallons, and can be manufactured as 1 piece or sectional to reduce freight costs. All of the burial tanks are available in shallow and deep burial models, depending on your requirements.

Sectional Tanks
Sectional tanks require field assembly. The advantage is they nest together for optimum shipping, and in the case of the indoor models, disassembled are narrow enough to fit through doorways.

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Standard 5-Year Conditional Warranty. Equinox Industries tanks are warranteed against defects in materials and workmanship and will perform according to our specifications provided that assembly and installation is proved to be satisfactory to Equinox Industries Ltd.. For full statement of warranty, contact Equinox Industries Ltd.