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Green Thinking - The ALFA Advantage

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Time and Labor Savings - Due to the large capacity of the Earth Works containers, daily garbage removal cycles are often reduced to monthly.

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Encourage Recycling - Earth Works containers can be made with custom openings and colors that promote your areas recycling initiatives.

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No Visible Refuse- All of the garbage is deposited into the one piece large capacity container so that the landscape is not ruined by unsightly refuse.

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Insect, Bird and Animal Resistant - Due to the tight seals and locks on the container, there is no exposed garbage or odors to attract unwanted visitors.

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Save Money and Energy - These savings can be achieved by utilizing less labor and resources (trucks, fuel) for garbage removal.

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How it Works

  • Self closing lid with gasket - air and water tight acts as a insect, bird and animal deterrent
  • Odor and Fire flange - Controls air movement inside the container, helping with odor and fire control
  • Equipped with Locking devices - Restricts access and limits vandalism
  • Unique anchoring flange - Stabilizes the container in areas of high water tables and freeze thaw conditions
  • Gravity Compressed - Due to high volume capacity the refuse self compacts achieving an average of a 2:1 compaction ratio compared to normal baskets or barrels
  • Geothermal cooling - In-ground refuse is naturally kept cool slowing decomposition allowing for longer garbage removal cycles
  • Construction - Made from rugged Polyethylene. Very durable, rust and decay free
  • Variety - A great selection of sizes, colors and cladding to suit most applications

Diagram - List of Containers

Available Colors
Black Recycle
Green Red Terra
Millstone Pink

Recycled Logo

ALFA products are environmentally responsible choices for saving resources, but are also manufactured in a responsible way containing at least 50% RECYCLED PLASTIC! Over the past 15 years, due to this commitment, ALFA Products has diverted over 500,000 pounds of plastic from the land fill.

ALFA Containers are available with 50% or 100% recycled plastic.


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