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Equinox's line of trailers are the #1 ATV Utility Trailers on the market. Our trailers are designed to handle many different types of cargo. They have been used in the far northern regions of the Arctic and deep in the southern states. Equinox prides itself in offering our customers the highest quality products at affordable prices.


OX Extension Rails
For those treks deep into the woods, use the Ox’s Fuel rack.

OX Fuel Rack
For those treks deep into the woods, use the Ox’s Fuel rack.

XL2, XL4, & Explorer Fuel Rack
Add to your ATV’s range with the Explorer Fuel Rack.


ATV Trailer Load Covers
All of Equinox’s ATV Trailers have available Canvas load covers in Black or Camoflage.

ATV Coach Cover
During storage and transportation, the ATV Coach can be covered with this Canvas Cover

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For more information or to order, contact:
Toll Free (U.S.A.): 1-800-563-3352
Toll Free (Canada): 1-800-665-7487
Fax: (204) 694-7133