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ALFA Container Installation


Sample Installation: Video of an ALFA Maxi being installed in Stanley Park, Vancouver:

Link to Installation Video

Basic Installation Instructions

Follow these simple instructions. For more information contact ALFA Products Inc.

  1. Excavate ground to a depth that will provide a minimum of 6" to 12" of backfill under the container.
  2. Hole should be large enough to allow for 12" to 18" of space all around the container.
  3. Prior to placing container in the hole make sure all sharp objects and all rocks are removed to prevent containers from being damaged.
  4. Container should be bedded in a minimum 6" to 12" of pea gravel or equivalent material. If pea gravel or equivalent is not available sand may be used but must be leveled and well packed.
  5. Place container in hole making sure container is rotated in proper direction so later installation of the lid opening will face in the required direction.
  6. Begin backfilling* gently and evenly avoiding too much fill and weight on any given side to prevent container from distorting from a circle to an oval shape. A container may go out of round in shipping or when laying in the hot sun. (It is designed to be flexible.) In this instance, backfilling more material and consequently more weight on the two appropriate sides as shown in Figure A will bring the container wall back into round. Figure B shows an important and easy to build guide to maintain the containers perfectly round shape throughout the backfill process. Keep in mind that the container walls must not be distorted out of round in order to accommodate a good fit for the circular lid. Check for plumb regularly during the backfilling process.
  7. Install Lifting Mechanism, Bag or Inner Container (depending on model) and finally lock Lid into place. Installation is now complete and ready to use.

Important Special Considerations

Things to consider:

  • Mini container can accommodate two inner bag sizes. If using the Standard Bag for manual service, sand or any material on hand should be poured into the in-ground container up to the appropriate depth for the smaller bag to rest on. If the 4.5 foot larger bag is used, this height modification is not required.
  • * When using heavy equipment to backfill, push material very carefully as you may damage the container or severely distort it in the process.
  • The proper material for backfilling is 1/8" to 3/8" pea gravel (or equivalent aggregate fill). Do not use heavy clay or rocky material.
  • In high water table areas contact ALFA Products Inc. for instructions.

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